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Just wanted to post that we made a website for our Jeep collection of projects. It is pretty cool site and it was all free from www.ning.com You are welcome to join in.


Our site is www.jeepcomanche.ning.com


We just picked up the blue X from Missouri last weekend. It is a 2.8 that has a spun bearing but still runs. 5 spd trans. If you know of a 34 chevy or GM motor for sale, please let me know. I'm looking to convert.




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It is like myspace but allows you to do alot more custom look and you can sell ads on it as the site grows. I like the fact that you can design it. I built the thing in about 30 minutes. Fun. Give it a try. We would like it if people would join in on our site. We will keep updates going. Hope to have photos of this weekend at Jefferson WI show.



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