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Crane Heavy Duty 8.25" Diff Cover

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Guess what showed up today. :eek:


My new Crane 8.25" diff cover for Rebecca's XJ! It's the only heavy duty Chrysler 8.25" cover for the XJ's that I know exist. These things are beefy! Also like the design as it's lip-less and won't get hung up on anything.


You can get them from Motion Offroad; http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index. ... rers_id=70




Oh, and yeah I also ordered a matching Dana 30 cover for the front. :D




Will probably re-paint them as the green doesn't go to well with our current color scheme. :nuts:

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Up at one of the places I wheel (Crozet) One person hit an obstacle so hard with the crane cover, it put a crack in a D60 housing which ultimately caused an axle failure :eek: Cover was still good though :nuts:



Just be careful ramming the cover into things... it can be stronger then your cast pumpkin

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