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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ ?

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Anyone run them on their MJ's?


I have them on the TJ (33x12.5r15) and really like them quite a bit... they did Pretty OK in the Snow/Sand and Rocks... I haven't and don't do a ton of Mud, but I'd assume they would be very functional there too...They are a little spendy at $150-175/ea but seem to be a good overall M/T for Offroad/Light (low mileage) Daily Driving...


I see they have a 31x10.5r15 that I think might look nice on the Gambler Rims on the MJ.



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I bought a set of 35x12.50's about 4 months ago for $800 shipped to my door on ebay. Which was the cheapest I could find anywhere. I've been on several snow runs this year and they do pretty good. We have lots of snow still up here :D . Been running them at 4 psi in the snow, they seemed a little stiff on the first few runs but now they are starting break in a little and flexing a bit more. In the dry deep powder snow they seem to dig a little too good, but in the spring snow they work great! I plan on siping them and will probably groove them as well. I weighed the MTZ and a BFG MT and the MTZ weighed 10 lbs. more per tire.


Had them in the sand this weekend and they did good, I'm not much into the sand wheelin though. Anxious to try them on the trails, as soon as all the snow melts!


I have seen bias Claws run in the snow and they are absolutely horrible. Way to stiff... the radial Claws might be better. I think the MTZ is a much better overall tire than the Claw.

























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