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Hello everybody,

Long time watcher,First time poster. I finally found what i have been looking for :bowdown: THE COMANCHE, funny thing is i found it in a junkyard\impound lot, owner said it had been there for a year or so and it was complete minus the window cranks and only 80K miles. I was there looking for other parts when i came upon it, the only prob was it is 2WD but its a 4.0 but after reading this forum for 6 months sounds like you guys have it down to a science so the project begins, don't know what to name it yet but that will come later, first came the obvious floors, pulled carpet and found that there was only a little surface rust on pass side, ordering por 15 later this week and then off to get some rhino lining in bed and floor in cab. then on to the JY's the long parts list is already written :D . i will take lots of pics and keep them coming thanks to all for the great info and ideas hope i remember to give credit where credit is due as i go along if not set me straight and i hope to add a few as well. I am in UT and will be building this to be a DD but a very capable trail vehicle as well because i frequent Moab regulary. I am a sand rail-offroad car fabricator/Rec vehicle mecanic shop owner so i hope to add a little offroad racing flare to the mix Thanks again stay tuned jamminz.gif


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Welcome to the club :cheers:


Your MJ is a carbon copy of what mine looked like when I got it about 8 years ago.......now it's a bit different :brows:


The possibilities are endless ;)




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:cheers: That's my kinda deal. Keep the build post updated. The name for it will come to you as they all seem to "earn" their name ;) jamminz.gif .


Well not always, otherwise you would see alot more "Project Moneypit"s or "Nickle and Dime" or even "Financial Black Hole" out there. :D

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