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87 2wd, altenator no A/C

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OK, I think I have the wrong alt in my MJ project. Basically the pulley doesn't seem to line up with the rest of them. I am thinking it is a A/C model. Does anyone have a similar setup that they can get a pic of the alt?


I will get a pic of mine tomorrow. Just one more thing I need to work on :wall:

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OK so here is a couple pics:

As you can see this one does not have the V notch before the sepr belt grooves on the pulley.


This is a 1987, 2.5L, 2wd (technically), manual trans, no A/C Comanche.


From everything I have found (not much) it is the wrong one. Comments?

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As you know, there is a difference between the 2.5 and the 4.0 alternators, mounting tabs, and location.


From what your pictures show, your pulley is not lining up, of course you know that :roll:


So, I 'borrowed' these from Rockauto.com -


This one is for a 2.5 w/AC-

Image Not Found


This one is for a 2.5 w/o AC-


Not knowing 2.5 as well as 4.0's, I would say you have the wrong pulley on the alternator.


Did you buy the alternator new???? If so, return it, and get the alternator for the NON- AC. Cause as others wrote, you missing that "extra" V section that pushes the 6 groove pulley out, in line with the harmonic balancer.



And Yes, I did cross check them for a '87, 2.5 engine.

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Nope the alt was in the truck when I got it. I saw the same pictures on Rock Auto and that is what I came up with as well.


I too don't know nearly as much about the 2.5 as I do the 4.0 since all my other Jeeps have been the 4.0 and this is becoming a learning experience.


I will go to Autozone and order a new one tomorrow. If everything works out this MJ up and running by the end of the week.


Within two weeks I hope to have the rear axle in and welded up. Then I just need a rear driveline and 4.10 front axle :roll:

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I regret that I was cleaning up the photos last night and deleted alot of junk, but I'm glad you got to see the pictures :roll:


So, you inherited this set up, and trying to make it right from the PO :cry:


The only other solution is to find the correct pulley and change that out. I might have one 2.5 alternator shelfed some where's but I think your getting the correct alternator and pulley will solve this alinement's problem.

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