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What to do?


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Seems where I've moved to there's nothing to will but mild stuff, and nobody to wheel with but mild guys. But I've got that damn jeep itch again.


I think 33s and F/R lockers could probably tame anything here unless you deliberatly look for trouble (which I won't do without somebody crazy enough to follow me).


And my truggy is highly impractical for anything but short trips. And MT/Rs don't wheel worth anything once there's a little mud on the ground.


So, what to do? There's two different approaches that I can think of. Either downsize the MJ and rework it to try to suit the wheeling here, or buy an XJ and make a nice mild wheeler that I don't mind thrashing.


To downsize/rework the MJ: Sell the 37s and go to 34s or 35s (depending what I can find I guess) in something like an IROK. I might *shudder* have to buy tires new for that. And lowering the truck a whole lot (I wanted to anyways, and was pretty much in the process of it. However I might have screwed myself on that since I planned to keep the 37s)



I'll also need a second propane tank for enough comfortable range.


Image Not Found


I think I can run two of them vertically back there, and just mount them a little lower so they don't interfere with my rear viewing. That is, unless my 4-link truss is in the way. I don't recall if it is or not - and I'm 650kms from the truck right now.


That still leaves me with limited space for any storage of gear. After all, my frame is cut off right before the second bed mount, and the old deck extends only to directly over the rear axle (or where it should be) The rear mount rad is in the way - but it can't really be changed. At most I can move it forewards a couple inches, but that's pushing it. At most I have maybe a foot behind the rad to stow stuff right now. Which isn't much. Especially if you plan to try camping or over-nigthing. And I should really have a spare for trail rides, the tube trick doesn't work so well for that.


Oh, I have to swap my tranny too. I keep forgetting that. And I'm not really looking foreward to it. I'll have to change the belly skid, front and rear driveshafts, and a few other things for that. And I know I'll get killed on all the little stuff like the cooler lines and having to get a shift controller and the parts needed for it.



Which is kinda why I considered going to the XJ for mild stuff. I know, another MJ would work just as well - but I don't want to ruin another. I figure it'd be easy enough to build a mild but reliable rig out of a XJ. I've got lots of parts after all. Swap a few axles, a tcase and rear driveshaft, build myself some new bumpers and skids and go wheeling.


Stupid? I should stick with the MJ right? Probably... After all it's not like anything I need to do to change it is a real challenge. Just a bit of a headache.

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