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86 cj axles

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It's not worth the effort if they are the stock CJ axles.


The front would be a low pinion D30 with passenger side differential. It rides on the weaker side of the ring gear. An MJ D30 is high pinion and rides on the stronger side of the ring gear. You would be losing strength in this respect and you would have to add brackets, etc. Way too much work for a loss in strength.


The rear would be an AMC 20 with notoriously weak two piece axle shafts and thin tubes that bend easily. I wouldn't even consider this an upgrade for a D35.


I think your money would be better spent elsewhere.



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Everyone bags on the AMC 20. With minor work it is a stout axle. Shafts are cheap... as are most parts for it.. as for the tubes... truss it... and weld them to the pumpkin. Kinda like everyone does to the 8.8. The biggest problem with the axles you are trying to use are... Diff on the wrong side :eek: EASILy fixed by running a D300 after a few mods (floor boards and shifters), then there is the problem of the weaker 260 U-joints :mad: which are the same ones you are running if you have 90 and older axles :oops:

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