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4-0 head gasket help

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The '90 FSM says to tighten bolts using the tightening sequence to:

22 ft. lbs.

then 45 ft. lbs.

then recheck at 45 ft. lbs.

then to 110 ft. lbs. except #11 to 100 ft. lbs. (bolt #11 should be coated with Locktite 592)

The tightening sequence is as you're looking from the front:

#1 -middle bolt on left

#2 –middle bolt on right

#3 -bolt in font of #2

#4 -bolt in front of #1

#5 -bolt behind #1

#6 -bolt behind #2

#7 -bolt in front of #3

#8 -bolt in front of #4

#9 -bolt behind #5

#10 -bolt behind #6

#11 - bolt in front of #7

#12 - bolt in front of #8

#13 -bolt behind #9

#14 -bolt behind #10

You’re basically making a spiral from the center.

It specifically says do not apply sealing compound and to reuse head bolts only once. I'd get new ones, I've broken them upon reinstall and had to pull the head back off to get the suckers out. Don't know about the retainers.

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the rocker arms don't really matter but the spec on them is about 20ft/lbs IIRC,


i didn't have any problem getting the rockers and rods to line up but i also layed them out in order how they came out origionally, did you take note of which one was which? it shouldn't really matter but it may

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i hate motor work



so i found out that the bridges can bend when removing them



orderd new bridges heading out to pick them up



my next question is on the valves


on my SBC i have done befor you get them tight enuff thay don't fall off then adjust



what is the procedure on the 4.0



i know you toqure them to 21 lbs but do thay need to be adjusted if so how

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