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Sending Unit, found two suppliers

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Thanks to those who replied. I have found a supply house in NJ that has the exact Sending Unit. Also a club members unit will be available shortly.

Couple of facts: The unit # is 52003671, this is original Jeep PN. They are scarce but can be found. Also I found two locations offering complete units (pump, sending, etc.) One was JC Whitney the other was RockAuto.com.

Again thanks for the replies

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Hey good job and thanx for lett'n us all know. I wondered why you brought up Rock auto. The other day when I mentioned the whole shebang I meant to post the Rock auto info but instead I posted the auto zone link to just the pump. But you found it anyway so that makes me the tard

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I thought the ones at Autozone (and other stores) were for the Cherokee. They are listed as also working for the Comanche, but in fact they do not, because the sending unit is mirror image of what it is supposed to be. The float points in the wrong direction interfering with the pan in the bottom of the tank.


If you have an aftermarket tank without a pan they may work.

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