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Stock Mj with 30" tires Questions

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What Pete wanted to know is are you using a Factory Jeep rim? If so which one, because the rims Back space as well as tire design will determine if you will have a problem with rubbing.


For the most part, with stock rims. A 30" tire will fit with no rubbing. If you have a tire with side tread, you may notice a bit of contact with the lower control arm at full lock. it is able to be adjusted out with the stops.


Those tires may not be legal in some states, they are re-treads.



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235/75/15 fit with minimal rubbing. I did 5 1/2" front lift (next time I get the double curved lower control arms!) and SOA rear to clear my 33/10.50/16s I had (they perfectly cleared the 33/9.50/15s)

Now I have 30/9.50/15s till I can afford another set of 33" tires! (may take awhile since I bought myself a '51 CJ2B)

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Metric tire sizes are not rocket science.




P (passenger car) rated, this is a 4 ply tire. Other common one is LT for Light Truck; these come in 6, 8 or 10 ply depending on load range C, D or E.


235 is the width of the tire (not the tread, though) in millimeters. There are 25.4mm in one inch.


75 is the height of the tire as a percentage of the width, 70 and 75 are quite common. Low profile tires usually range from 50 to 60, but I have seen 40. Some skinny tall tires can come in 85.


R means Radial ply. Older tires sometimes were B for Bias ply, but these are quite rare nowadays.


15 is the rim size, but not metric. This one is in inches.


That concludes todays lesson. :chillin:

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