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I'm too late I suspect...


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Does it bother anyone else, or just ??? When seller goes to the trouble to add "SOLD" in the ad, leaving it listed for another week, instead of following the guidlines and deleting? Annoys me bigtime for some reason. And I don't know why...


x2...I don't do a TON of Craigslist sales, maybe 10-12 a year, but I try to make a point to #1, delete the thing when it's sold or gig completed, and #2, I email each and every person that showed interest... I've always done a first reply get the first shot and down the line, so I don't want the 5th or 6th guy hanging to know if the thing is gone or not (especally with the high # of flakes that you get on Criagslist).


I think I'm in the minority...



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