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Central Florida MJ's


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i know my dad is going to be looking for an mj sometime after he gets settled down in florida, so there's one more, but he's not going to turn it into a crawler or anything as far as i know, and i doubt he'll join the club.


i have been checking up to see if there were any, i haven't seen hardly any for sale.

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I'm a student in gainesville... started with a black 4x4 long bed stick, then a white 2wd short bed stick, now a gold 2wd long bed auto soon to be 4wd. All lifted and with 33's... My sis just got a 2wd long bed stick with 100k. :cheers:


For what it's worth, I don't post much but I'm on here and FJOA daily reading tech and for sale posts... Not really into forum drama...


BTW My gold mj:

6.5" lift with drop brackets

d30/d44 w/lsd. soon to have 4.56's and mini spool

have all parts for 4wd except aw4 and rear d shaft, considering a 2 piece rear shaft with carrier bearing and full length belly skid

front bumper/grill

roof rack with all recovery gear

onboard air

System with 12" kicker square

33/12.5 pro comp mts


gonna rhino the bed and interior and have plans for custom rear bumper, tube doors and a quick disconnect rear lexan window


going for the expedition/$#!& hits the fan style jamminz.gif

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