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Mounting an Amp

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Has anyone mounted an amp to the back carpet panel? How did you do so? I'm debating whether or not I need to cut a piece of plywood to act as backing since that panel can't really hold any weight on it's own. Also debating mounting the amp behind the passenger seat floor, as well.


This post has some pictures, but unclear what's behind it: 



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I have a Crunch P4125 that I had in an old truck that I was going to re-use--it's decently sized. I think I'm going to cut a piece of plywood to fit behind the passenger's side and mount it to the carpet panel so it's at least reinforced.


Is that amp just floating behind the driver's seat?

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Ended up buying a piece of project plywood and cutting it to fit, so I would have something to screw the amp to. Worked out great. Used some double-sided hook velcro strips to just hold the sub up against the carpet panel.







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