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Donor for my 88

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Hi all, new to this forum


Bought an 88 5 speed 4x4 long bed with minimal rust from colorado in hopes of one day sending to the Bahamas as reliable work truck that can handle the beach and pull a boat on slick/sand ramps.  My original plan was to get a donor from a 94+ but when the head gasket went out on the renix at 190k I went ahead and rebuilt the top end.  Now I want to get rid of the pukegoat tranny, idiot light ip, and hail damaged hood.  Used ax-15s are going for so much I figure it justifies the 90+ donor, but i can't use the ip?


Any suggestions on what direction to go from here?  My current tranny (BA-10?) has a large rectangular hole cut in the bottom of the bell housing.  I assume this was to try and figure out why the clutch leaks fluid and won't fully disengage.  Need to add clutch fluid more frequently now.  I see a nice 4 door xj 92 donor for sale.....i figure i could even use the doors and swap to power windows?  Can't use the ip though, i need an 88-90 ip?


Thanks for any and all opinions!



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love those classic graphics :D 


if the peugeot is currently working fine, I'd probably keep it. be nice to it and it'll be nice to you. :D 


you'll definitely need to track down an 87-90 gauge cluster.  91+ went to a completely different system.  If you can't find one locally I have a couple for sale. 

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Ok thanks ya she's pretty photogenic :brows:.  Shifting is pretty rough but maybe if i figure out the fluid leak and bleed the system i can get it smooth.  Then i just need to patch the hole in the bell housing.


I see a bleeder on the clutch fluid line underneath the truck.  Is that stock or did someone add it in an attempt to figure out why the shifting is rough?  I assume that's why they cut the hole in the bell housing.


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OK so I don't remember the clutch lines having that much fluid on them when I ran low on fluid for the first time.  Some of that is oil from a CCV i just replaced but seems like there's plenty of clear fluid too.  Guess I will go ahead and replace the clutch line and power bleed the system and see.


3rd pic is of the hole in the bell housing





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