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Left front speaker to crossbody connector

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I adding in the rubber speaker grommets that were missing from my base comanche, and I noticed the PO ghost cliped the front left driver speaker to a 3 pin connector. I looked through the 88 electrical manual and I could not find a reference to a 3 pin left front speaker connector.

This 3 pin connector is shown below and features a black, green and black-yellow wire. The solid black wire is not connected to the speaker.

Does anyone know what this black wire connects to?





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1 hour ago, eaglescout526 said:

That should be the speaker connector. I can look on my XJ this evening but someone will beat me to it. 

Yep! I just I don't know why it's a 3 wire connector when the electrical diagram shows it should be a 2 wire connector. unless I'm looking at the wrong diagram. Seems strange.

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27 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

Hey @Salvagedcircuit are you adding in speakers? 

Yep. I grabbed the rubber grommets for the doors and upgraded the wire from 20awg to 16awg. My metra radio harness is 18awg, and 20awg is a bit undersized. I'm going to see if there's 16awg crimps for the radio wiring harness on digikey, so it's at least 16awg for the speakers.


36 minutes ago, Ωhm said:




I found it on page 75. Thanks! I looked around and it seems that "J" is the 14awg ground for the power door locks / power door windows.


Thanks a ton guys for helping me troubleshoot!







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8 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

Now wouldn’t be a bad time to add the connectors for the tweeters if you go the OEM connector route. They are pack cons which I have noticed are available. I don't know what your plans on but I figured I’d suggest a while you’re there option. 


I have an '88. Do you know if the wiring for the tweeters are inside the dash? I did not see tweeters when I wired the radio harness. Are they wired in parallel to the speakers?

I'm using Infinity Kappa 53XF and 463XF which have tweeters built into them, so I don't know how effective it will be.

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39 minutes ago, Salvagedcircuit said:

I looked around and it seems that "J" is the 14awg ground for the power door locks / power door windows.


Good eye on that C121_J. Never thought of looking under power door locks. Now I know.

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34 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

They’re not there. You have to add them. I used the original connector on both my Jeeps and just got new terminals and crimped both wires for the speakers and pigtail for the tweeter together. Course I added mine to the female side but you can add it to the male side too. 

Interesting. I was debating putting small tweeters in the door A pillar corners, but I have not decided if I want the manual stick mirrors or leave the outside-adjust mirrors.

The question is whether the A pillar spot is more appropriate for the tweeter than the lower dash. I'm not going after the add a 500w amp + dsp setup, just a nice stock radio setup. My current infinity kapps seem more than adequate for my needs and they were pretty cheap on ebay.


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