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Leaf Springs Sitting at Different Heights

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As title suggests, my springs seem to not be sitting correctly. I measured from the bottom of the fenders to the ground (all relative and yes there will be minor variances) and get 36.5 on both fronts, 35 at driver rear, and 34 at passenger rear. Very noticeable when looking at the passenger side.


New leaf springs were installed yesterday because I thought the old ones were sagging and causing the issue.


There isn't but a couple of hundred pounds in the bed plus topper which is fairly spread out.


Any ideas?





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One sanity check suggestion, flip the rear wheels. Tire inflation and treadwear might ought to be eliminated. Or if you prefer the jackass answer (I'm good for those) put 180 pounds in the driver's seat and measure again (just joking there but ideas are ideas).


EDIT: If it didn't have a cap on it I'd say get in the back and bounce the hell out of it with a couple grown dudes. Otherwise maybe load it with another 200# of stuff and do some speed bumps at low speed to get the leafs to settle and see how it looks in a week or two. If you have concerns, alert the vendor NOW and follow up after settling can occur.

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I've bounced on the hitch a lot actually lol

Most folks have the driver lean because of the gas tank. I'm practically Carolina squatting with all new suspension (Front is almost 10k miles old).


Tires measure equal from ground to top. I'm sure I could swap the leaf's sides, but wanting to see if there was any other suggestions before doing a warranty return. My fear is them settling lol. I don't want any lower or I'll need to go SOA and remove the AAL just to compensate for whatever the issue is.

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18 minutes ago, howeitsdone said:

Most folks have the driver lean because of the gas tank


Actual fuel weights (tank not included), for the curious:


16 gallons of .740 specific gravity pump gas= 98.568 lbs.

18 gallons of .740 specific gravity pump gas= 113.96925 lbs.

23.5 gallons of .740 specific gravity pump gas= 144.7718 lbs.



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