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bluetooth amp thoughts?

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I'm looking to skip the dash radio altogether in this truck I'm helping with (the hole in the dash will be a cubby).  there are a bunch of amps out there with bluetooth built in.  or I can get a separate bluetooth dongle and plug that into a regular amp.  the amp would be mounted under the bench out of sight.  thinking of adding an under-seat sub to the mix for the other side of the bench.  honestly I'd like to have an easy to reach volume control too, but that's not set in stone since the phone will be right there on the dash.


so: bluetooth - small amp - door speakers - subwoofer


and this is budget oriented.  the truck needs a lot of other help too.



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I’ve had good luck with this one so far. I hid it under my dash and wired it into rear speakers, so I could keep my factory AM system untouched. It’s not super small, but the price is right, and it gets pretty loud. It syncs to my phone on start up, so I don’t have to push any buttons or anything.

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it's close, but is missing a line out for the sub. :(   but you lead me down a whole other rabbit hole and I discovered this li'l guy: :D 



which is a universal bluetooth dongle with an honest to goodness volume knob and an rca output which means I can use a regular amp.  which in turn means I need to find a 2ch amp with rca inputs (not hard) and rca line outs (harder for some reason) to go to the sub.  can't seem to find a low profile sub that fits under the seat but doesn't have a built in amp, so the line out is necessary.  this is one I found that will do the job, though I'm not married to it.




and this is an example of an under-$100 sub








but the interior is still torn apart and I'm weeks away from needing any of these items, so there's still time for more research. :D  maybe I'll do a 4ch instead and install the 4x6s?  I've never thought they were really worth it.

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