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Is this new noise a lifter?

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I've been hearing a brand new noise from the 4.0 the past few weeks.

This is definitely not the old piston slap, I had gotten used to hearing that.

This sounds like, dried peas rattling around in a tin can.

It seems loudest around the area of #1 up in the valve cover...




I can also hear it from underneath too.  Not sure if it's coming from the bottom or just traveling from up high.





It's been running Rotella T5 30 weight oil for a while now. 

I'm wondering if this oil cleaned up the top end which coupled with the lighter-ish weight oil let a tired lifter start nagging.


IF it's a lifter, is that something that can be fixed with the valve cover off? (I have a new cover gasket waiting for me to get to it)





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Sounds like a dragging timing chain to me (if I'm hearing the right sound you're pointing out, there's a couple of them in the clips).  Pop your dizzy cap and watch the rotor as you or someone tries to turn the engine with a breaker bar on the HB nut to see how much slop the chain has.


And fun fact, you can't pull the lifters on a 4.0 without pulling the head.  2.5's you can, but not 4.0's.

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