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No crank No start

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So jeep ran fine parked it let it sit for the weekend. Go to start and clicks then no power. Charged battery and load tested. Battery is good, I tried jumping solenoid at starter. It sparks a little then nothing. The weird part is each time I try to jump or key start. It clicks one time then nothing. It acts like there is no power At all. Dome lights won't come on or anything.  Until I take the ground off the battery and hook it back up then All lights come back on and it will click one time then no power again until I take the ground off the battery. Would a bad starter do that 

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Mine used to do this exact thing. The fix for mine ended up being replacing the ground cable from the battery to the block, and the cable from the battery to the starter. Overall this sounds like a bad connection issue so like he said, I'd check how the connection is on your terminal clamps. Then look at the cables themselves overall and where it bolts to the block. 

Keep in mind you could easily have a connection on the battery, proof of that is how your dome lights and stuff turns on. But if it's not good then as soon as you try to use the starter the AMPs are just way too high so it basically quits and you have to disconnect and reconnect it.

-Heads up if you go to remove the negative cable from the stud in the side of the block, theres a good chance the stud will just spin. If this happens you can fit an e torx socket on the end of the stud to hold it still.

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Yea it's best to just replace both. When I went to replace my terminal clamps I figured might as well do the whole cable bc it wasn't that much extra work and I already had spare cable, and after I did, not only did it obviously fix the whole click followed by no power issue, but the starter turned over a LOT faster.

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