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Gauge cluster odo swap

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I currently have a black gauge cluster in my truck with all of the gauges working, but my truck originally came with a grey gauge set and dummy lights. Since my parts truck has a grey gauge set with all of the gauges, I'm gonna put that in my truck, but I want to have my original miles and a trip-odometer. It has a plastic ratchet on the .1 mile spinner so I can manually roll it forward, but I have to do that for 30k miles so I'm trying to take the whole odo out and just skip right to the correct number. I think I see the clip I need to remove that will then let me remove the whole odo but I'd rather make sure thats the right way before popping it off and everything exploding for no reason. Am I right about how to do this?




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Remove the speedo gauge from the cluster, one screw in the bottom right corner of the face and two on the back. Once the gauge is removed you can see the inner workings of the odometer on the back. There's a tiny gold c-clip on the left of the odometer that has to be popped off. I used an x-acto knife and put the tip on the inside of the "C", then pried up enough to create a gap to put a pick in. Then I pried the pick to pop out the clip.




Easiest way to adjust the numbers is to face the gauge towards you with your fingers operating the backside. Start from right to left, opening up space between each number enough to rotate the digits.



There's some more info in this writeup-



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