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2.5 litre 

5 speed 2wd 

not currently safetied but want to have it done for a daily driver. 
Wanting to do a 4x4 swap. 
cold air intake 

Aftermarket temp gauge

oil pressure gauge.

rpm gauge

200k km


Known issues


brakes don't work


breather falls off


rust in rockers, cab corners, box sides, and front fenders


Exhaust is there but needs to be re attached at rusted off point 


leaks rain in the cab from as of now unknown issues

passenger door handle button is gone so you can only open it from the inside. Passenger door window crank doesn’t work either. Driver side grinds 


runs and drives great.I Will definitely be driving this one for a long time. Will also restore bit by bit. I can do everything myself aswell. Gonna be a fun project.
my goal is to keep the 2.5l manual and get the 4x4 swap for winter reasons. Let me know any ideas and money saving tricks you got.  










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Missing serial numbers/ added info and pics
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