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2001 Cherokee engine miss

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Bought a 2001 Cherokee several months ago with no engine as it was a donor for another Jeep. The engine he swapped over ran fine in the Jeep before hand according to him, as he also took some body parts for the Cherokee he was repairing.


I had an engine with 71,000 miles on it that I put in along with new injectors, new O2 sensors by Bosch, new wires, K suspension viper coil mod, New cam positioning sensor Mopar CPS…Pretty much everything new being that I didn’t have anything to work with beforehand. The wiring harness and ECU are original to the Jeep. Engine has a miss at idle , Swapped out everything all over again with no change, I am not getting any codes either. Swapped out for another ECU with no change, ran a compression test and one cylinder was a little bit low. So after doing Everything I thought that I could do I swapped another engine in with 22,000 miles on it and I still have the same issue.

Any ideas or else I can look for a known problem.? I doubt two engines would have the same issue and this one has even compression throughout the all cylinders.


I can take a video of it too and upload it.Thanks in advance

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32 minutes ago, Eagle said:

Coil pack?


I'm on the third one in my late wife's 2000 XJ.


I changed to the K suspension Viper coil mod . It uses a dodge caravan coil pack which I have already swapped out with a new one . I have checked and rechecked the firing order to make sure it’s correct 

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I get a stumble or a miss on my 2000 XJ. I'm still on the OEM coil, though. I did change to a Denso O2 sensor. I think I noticed it more. Many times stalling out. I did change to a New NTK/NGK O2 sensor. Not perfect, but so much better. I also changed to a new MOPAR CPK, actually CrPK. 

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