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Window question

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I need to remove a window from a parts rig. The back backing plate is spinning. Whats the secret to getting it out? Also what is the easiest way to remove the window as well.


You talking about the round-ish looking nut on the back of the regulator arm where it attaches through a hole in the glass? When I put my power window regulators in I had trouble with this, but there were two flats on the "nut" I was able to get a small adjustable wrench on and screw it off.


But never pulled a window glass out mate :D

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to pull the window you have just the nut/bolt that holds the window to the regulator, and the vent window. you'll need to at least loosen the vent window, removing it most likely is the best idea.


but remove the bolt, get a vice grips on the back and turn the nut if it's spinning (reallys houldn't be). 2 phillips heads on the top of the door frame for the vent window, and 1 ten mm bolt (maybe 11mm) to get the lower support removed. you have to do that, drop the glass to the bottom of the door, then remove the triangle window. after that you carefully remove the window.


reinstall is opposite

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Ping - That backing plate has 2 holes in it for a "spaner" wrench, kind of like the same wrench you would use on a angle grinder to remove the nut. I have no Idea what size it is, but the last one I pulled, I was able to get a pair of channel locks in there to hold the disk from spining, and take off the front disk. I got some loose glass in the shop, I could check the hole spacing and let you know, I'm sure your local parts store would carry this spaner wrench.

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