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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an 86 V6?

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Does anyone have or know where I can find the wiring diagram for an 86 v6.  I have the 88 manual which works for most things, but is of no help when dealing with a v6 because they had already swapped to the 4.0 i6 by this point.  The FSM that's online isn't of much help either.  I'm bout to head over to my paper FSM for my 88 is of any help. 


I'm trying to diagnose a totally dead vehicle.  No headlights, hazards, nothing.  I suspect a fusible link somewhere but need to know where to look. 


I've already checked the body to engine ground and have continuity.  I have power to the starter.  I've replaced the all the fuses because they were all ancient and cracked and crumbling but so far no power at the fuse box.  The ignition switch is a hot mess that barely moves,  I'm currently pulling the headlight switch to see if there is hot power at that location now because the breaker is in the switch.  The electrical problems may be the actual reason this vehicle was left for dead not the water logged engine.


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It's most def a fusible link.  I saw some make shift wires going to a box that looked to have a bunch of fusible links coming off it.  I decided to take a chance and put a fused jumper on it from the battery positive and magically about half the stuff came on including the headlights and the radio and gauges.  No marker lights, tail lights, or flashers.  I still have a hosed ignition switch so I can't even attempt to turn it over right now so see what condition the engine is besides rusty rocker arms.  With more electrical grimlins to tackle I think I'm going to skip all that troubleshooting and go straight to pulling the seats and carpet to get a glimpse of the floor pans so I can factor that into this Jeeps final disposition.  Part out, part swap, or get running and flip.  With all the electrical work the prior owner failed to let me know about I def feel I paid too much for this vehicle now.  But I honestly forgot to ask.  Bad engine, electrical problems, if it's got bad floor pans then that's most likely this Jeeps last strike and she's out for the part out.  I guess I'll ask over in the wanted section if anyone has a running 2.8 they already pulled they are willing to let go of cheap if these pans pan out.  (Pan out. Get it? heh heh :laugh:)



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