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Lower dash A/C vent hose routing?

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3 minutes ago, watchamakalit said:

if you are talking about the small 1" hose that leads to the crotch cooler vent, I belive there is a "Y" connection in the hose for the far left dash vent that it comes off of.

Yep, the crotch cooler vent :laugh:


Hmm, the hose that goes to the far left dash vent is just a single piece, no "Y" connection. I wonder if it's the wrong one. Although, I suppose I could put one in myself.

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2 minutes ago, Minuit said:

It's part of the dashboard's internal ductwork. Look for a round protrusion sticking out of the dash pointing towards the driver side. It's fairly close to the front.

I see the one up top, that goes to the left vent--you can see it in the picture I posted above. Haven't seen/found anything that would hook up to this, though... I'll give it another glance.

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