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2.5 Aluminum Valve Cover - Air Inlet Fitting?

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I managed to pick up an Aluminum Valve cover from a 90s YJ but I've noticed that the air inlet looks like it takes a twist-on fitting. It's different from some of the others I've seen on here that take a regular grommet. 


The only elbow fittings I'm finding that twist on like this are all labeled as being for the 4.0.  Also, I can't find any threads on here that go over how to convert the PCV and Breather over to work with these.


Any help is appreciated.



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20 hours ago, eaglescout526 said:

They are discontinued but it looks like a dealer in my state has one.

Thanks for checking. I can get the dorman version from Oreilly's if needed. They have them in stock.  Being such a trivial part, I'm sure I can get some miles out of it.

19 hours ago, Strokermjcomanche said:

Iirc using the breather hoses from the 97 2.5  xj will work. Possibly the 96 and older too . 

I’d have to check, and I don’t know when I’m gonna be home next. But I may have a valve cover with those hoses on it.

Thanks a lot. I think I found an elbow that will work with my existing hoses. I will probably try it but I need to clean and reassemble my cover first.

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