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Dirt in remanufactured engine?

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I found cooling system sealer tabs in my ATK engine and it took me a while to figure out what they were.  Could be that.  How does the cam look in that engine?  The reman ATK for my '90 lasted 272 miles before coughing up cam bearings.  Somewhere there's a thread on here about that saga.  Hopefully you have better luck than I did.


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I assume since the one photo shows the Chrysler pentagon logo that the block you are talking about is not new, but is "REMANUFACTURED" from an existing used engine.   Otherwise, someone making a "new" replacement engine would not be able to use that logo, as it is copyrighted to Chrysler.


If it IS actually a NEW engine block, one possible explanation is that what you see is part the permanent mold sand castings that are used for cores inside the water jacket during the casting process.   Essential, the permanent mold is a mixture of sand and a resin binder that holds the shape while the molten cast ironl is poured around it.   After the cast iron hardens, the permanent mold sand pieces are broken up and removed from the holes in the water jacket by ultrasonic vibration.   The texture/color looks very much like what is in your photos.

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Cooling system sealer does seem plausible, they look very similar to pictures online. Consistency is a finer than sand power that crumbles very easily. Why would they put that in a new engine? 


  I asked the same question.  The best answer I could get was that ATK's confidence in Monterrey, Mexico was low and they wanted the reman engine to survive the warranty period.  System sealer tabs are an insurance policy/band aid.


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