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Cherokee D44 Axle Swap into a Comanche

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I wanted to know what kind of issues others have run into while swapping a D44 out of a Cherokee into there Comanche. I know that the perch width is different (does anyone know the width). How do you handle the brake lines and proportioning valve? Will the stock driveshaft work? Are there any other issues I should know about?

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Asuming you have a D35 now... The DS will be too long if staying at stock height.


MJ's don't have a conventional Proportion valve. What they do have is attached to the rear of the vehicle. Just remove the axle part and modify to fit in same position.


The brake lines are standard. the sensible thing to do is to replace, but if old in good shape, likely could be reused.


Don't know the width off hand. but just measure the one you got once its out!


Good luck,


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