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Comanche badges

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Or a good way to go is decals. Either get some made up same size and font like the Comanche badges or go custom, maybe something bigger in a different spot? The possibilities are endless.


Finding actual badges in REALLY nice shape is rare, but the ones I have seen that are go on ebay for quiet a bit.


I have taken mine and I taped over em then cut along the edges of the letters so they are still covered, then re painted the black part. They look way better if you even just do that.



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Thanks. I've been looking at different trucks lately to see what they've done and I really like the look of the Dodge Ram badges. Very shiny and agressive looking. The reason I wanted to know if they stick on is so I can place them in a different place when I have the truck repainted.


One idea I had was to have them custom painted on although the cost would likely be way too high! I saw an episode of Overhaulin' where Chip Foose painted the name of the car where it looked 3D. I was very impressed with the way it looked.


I've also thought about not replacing the stripes and moving the "Pioneer" at the backside of the bed to be a little higher up.



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