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Bought Comanche #2

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My #1 truck was acquired a month ago, I've been through hell and back already on this BIG project. Its driving pretty good now, ready for paint soon and suspension work/wheels later:

That one is an '87 Comanche Pioneer 4X4 I6 automatic trans longbed with only 115,000 miles.


Tonight I picked up a 2nd MJ. I saw it in Craigslist, I snatched it up quick and got it for only $300!! Still need to tow it home.


Its an '88 Comanche 4X4 I6 manual trans shortbed. It has 237,000 miles yeah thats high but its just a beat up body work truck and supposedly ran great except its current problems. It needs a battery, and it overheats, so needs a thermostat and just POSSIBLY a radiator.


For $300 I think a great deal, it will be fixed and probably out of my hands in 1 week. Its either going to my father as a work truck, or to the guy who GAVE me the 1st manche(needing head rebuild at that time). That friend will either get this truck running or he'll get $600 for the 1st broken manche he gave me.


Pics of this 1 tomorrow hopefully.

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I replaced thermostat, filled some water, installed a different battery. Started right up and runs awesome for a 237K mile work truck! Man I love that manual trans, this one feels great.


For a total of $325 invested, meet Betsy (the cow that wouldn't die, white with brown spots):


1 of my brothers just got his license so Jonathan/my dad are going to buy it from me for $500

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I've got an 89 Chrysler Conquest Tsi. 6th turbocharged Mitsubishi car I've owned.

I got it broken, spent 1 month fixing motor/turbo/things. Drove it for 2,000 miles and motor crapped out on me. Pulled motor/trans/etc and sold stuff I didn't want.

Car is stored now until the day I have some money, it will get a supercharged or turbocharged LSx V8 in it, 500-600HP, T-56 or TH400 tranny.

I paint and will be painting my 87 Comanche, the Conquest.




The 88 Comanche died and wouldn't start. I messed with crank angle sensor plug, got it going again.

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