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Crank no start - fuel pressure regulator?

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Here’s another thread on starting issues....


’92 4.0 4wd


last week it ran ok for a short drive. The next day it started and ran for about a minute, then quit. It was very rough, like a misfire or missing a cylinder. 
now it cranks strongly but doesn’t start, doesn’t even sound like it wants to start. I depleted the battery trying and had to charge it. 
I confirmed spark on all 6 spark plug cables. 
I also drained the tank and added 5g fresh gas.
I hear the fuel pump activation and fuel drips when I unplug the line at the rail. 
I plan to test fuel pressure and compression as soon as I get the test equipment. 

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Sounds like the timing could be off, but I'm not sure how. That was an issue with my blue truck when we swapped the motor--the timing was 180 degrees off and it wouldn't start.

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