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Saving my Jeep Wagoneer Limited 1988

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Hello Comache Club


Few weeks ago I flipped over in my jeep from rocks washed down to the road after a rainy night.

It was 5.30am, dark, and I saw the rocks too late. They made the car spin around and ended up on the side damaging the car badly.

It's lifted 3.5" with 32" tires, so I guess momentum and higher gravity got away with it.


Nothing happened to me, but the jeep has seen better days.


I am keen to bring it back to how it was as best as possible, and hoping this forum can help me locate the last missing parts.


Basically I am missing the passenger side marker for the headlight bezel. I have a new headlight bezel, but just can't find the side marker that's suppose to sit in it.


There seems to be a lot out there for newer jeep models - with only one head lights headlight bezel - but hard to find a side marker with the right hight to fit in to the two headlight bezel.


Does anyone know where I possibly would be able to find something like this? New or old, fie either way.


Attached is a few shots of the driver side still intact. What are these numbers on the inside of the marker? Been trying to search for those, but nothing pops up.


Appreciate any help on this.


Thanks in advance 





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Probably best to have this moved to the right place, to get more eyes. I suspect if you get more than 10 posts and get access to the classifieds, you will have better luck. Of course, Cherokee sites will probably have more.opportunity, too.

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