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1989 Red 4.0L SWB (Aledo TX)

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177k miles 4.0 2wd

Seller asking $5,500 but open to truck trades


AC compressor, alternator, radiator, headliner, seat springs, ignition switch, and fuel pump done within the last 2 years


Has custom bed cover and new tires and battery


Looks pretty clean to me 








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It does look pretty decent, but I think that is all the money for that truck. The pictures do leave a little to be desired, the front air dam was originally red. The front bumper doesn’t match the rest of the black trim on the truck which leads me to believe this truck has been painted. The interior looks pretty dirty. The front bumper looks like it is bent, and the engine bay is absolutely filthy. It’s not that hard to spray some degreaser and give it a quick wash. 

Hey, @Minuit, is there anything else that jumps out at you?

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Definitely a repaint. Badges are high on the fender. Do I spy some overspray on the leaf springs? Pictures could be a hell of a lot better.


Typical Fey rear bumper. I wonder what the tow hitch situation is like. Front bumper twisted upwards.


Interior is in "alright, I guess" condition. They could've at least cleaned the greasy handprints off the seat. C'mon guys.


I would be very curious as to how the mirrors were installed. I'm seeing some "extra wires" under the hood, and that's never a sign of anything good.


It's fine, I guess. Not really causing any emotions in me. Definitely not the worst I've seen, but that could be because the pics are all blurry.

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