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Possible Comanche trans swap

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I have a 88 Jeep Comanche 4 Cylinder base trim auto tranny sport truck 

I live in the Bahamas and had my tranny rebuilt 2x never really fixed the issue and I’m thinking about a swap 

what does it take to make that happen (parts) 

which tranny to use?

Does it make sense to do it 

because I would most likely have to import all of these parts unless I could use different Jeep parts (like wrangler or Cherokee)

ps it was my grandfather’s and it’s beat up bad just trying to bring it back he believe in epoxy and duck tape like u believed in the existence in life on earth 


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Do you want your Jeep to stay an auto or are you OK with a manual swap? 


Also, if you wanted the 4.0 6 cylinder and 4x4 , you could buy a 4x4 Cherokee or Comanche and swap in the engine/trans/transfer case/front axle and then just get a rear driveshaft made. 

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