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2wd ax15 yoke

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having trouble getting the yoke to slide on the output shaft of my trans.  itll go on about 1.5 inches and then just stop.  I have it greased.  I gave it a tap with a rubber hammer, not hard, and it didnt really move.  It also locked up the trans so I couldnt spin it.  Tapped it back off and couldnt really see where it was contacting.  Not sure if the 2wd or 4wd jokes are different.

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Is the AW4 2wd yoke the same as the AX-15 2wd yoke? When I did my BA10 to AX-15 swap I used the yoke from a 2wd AW4 and it seems to work fine. I have a 2wd AX-15 with the yoke sitting in my shed if they’re different and should swap them. I haven’t noticed any weird stuff, but always best to have the correct part even if what you have seems to work.

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On 3/13/2020 at 10:02 PM, Big Dan said:

They are different. For ax15 2wd, you need Spicer 2-3-10391x


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Sorry to revive an old thread, but using that spicer slip yoke is there a different size output shaft seal I have to use? I tried it and it leaks like crazy. Trans is from a 96 Dakota.

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