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New Heater/AC fan switch connectors in MO


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I have new replacement connector housings for the heater fan switch.  These work for all MJs and 84-96 XJs.

It's pretty common for these to be melted, and needing replaced.


Three options:

1.  Connector by itself, if your terminals are good, or you already have some new terminals on hand.

2.  Connector and five new terminals.  The switch only uses four wires, so you'll have one extra.  I can supply 14-16 gauge terminals, or 12 gauge terminals.  Your choice.  I think the factory wires are 12 gauge, but the 16-14 terminals will work.  Be aware that these are the factory type terminals, and to crimp them correctly requires special equipment.  It can be done with regular inexpensive crimpers, but the results may not be as nice.

3.  Connector with new 12 gauge wires and new terminals already crimped on.  Wires are 6" long.  Cut off your old damaged terminals, and attach the new pigtails with method of your choice.  I suggest a crimped, bare butt connector covered with adhesive lined heat shrink tubing.


Prices, shipping included:

1.  Bare connector, $7.30

2.  Connector and 5 terminals, $9.50

3.  Connector with 4 pigtails, $17.10


Payment can be PayPal "friends & family".  If this is a concern, pay through "goods & services" and add 3% ($7.52, $9.79, $17.61)


If you want more than one, PM me with what you want and I'll reply with a price.




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