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Fuel rail inlet and return line seals 88 Comanche 4.0

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Howdy. I’m needing info on my fuel line seals. On the fuel rail I have two lines with quick disconnects. When I disconnected them ,two small o rings and what appears to be A spacer fell out .the O rings  are in bad shape and I want to replace them but I can’t find any information on what size they were . Do they make a kit with the rings and spacer? What are my options on repairing this?

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What year MJ and engine do you have? Add it to your signature.

Renix and HO are different, 2.5L I think are the same as 4.0L Renix..

 Renix 5/16 line  https://www.morris4x4center.com/fuel-oil-cooler-line-repair-kit-83502745.html

 HO 3/8 line  https://www.morris4x4center.com/fuel-oil-cooler-line-repair-kit-83504447.html


And it goes o-ring/spacer/o-ring

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Fuel disconnects

Quick disconnect part numbers

The Napa part numbers for just o-rings *is:

Napa 730-5018 3/8 Viton individual o-rings 
Napa 730-5017 5/16 Viton individual o-rings 
*Remember to re-use your old spacer between the 2 new o-rings!!

Napa CRB 212305 fuel line repair kit 5/16
Dorman 800-750 trans line repair kit 3/8

Mopar repair kits:

83502745 fuel line repair kit 5/16 
83504447 fuel line/Trans line repair kit 3/8 

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