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Body moldings.

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I know I know. Aftermarket makes it hard to restore and take care of all non CJ, SJs, Daimler and Fiat Jeeps. The only posts I can find about this topic is one from 5 years ago and one from 7 years by 87MJTIM. Has anyone looked into or know of a possible source/manufacturer that could produce a roll of the non Laredo style body molding for the MJ and XJ.

My truck originally had them but the sun murdered them and looked awful.

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I saw this today and it looked pretty good if you need me to go back I would gladly. I have made a lot of molds in my life. I’m really considering casting these rubber door moldings I just purchased. Everyone seems to be missing them and they are easy to make. Other plastics I have seen here don’t really hold up with age. Injection molded plastics are really a modern marvel. 


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