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'89 Command-Trac Front Axle Vacuum Line

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Is this blue vacuum line supposed to attach to anything, or is it the "Air Vent Filter" (number 3 in the diagram)? It's located on the passenger side, near the heater blower. I found it when trying to find out why the "Part Time" light on the dash doesn't turn off when the transfer case is in 2H.  All other vacuum lines from the front axle appear to be attached.







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Thanks 54bobby for letting me know it doesn't connect to anything. I did your reverse and brake fix...... tried it and it didn't work. Light is still on, oh well.  I'll just disconnect it, I can tell if it's in 4WD or not just by the way it feels.  Thanks Pete M for your link.  I'm actually thinking about getting rid of the Comanche (too much sh*t, crap, hoses, vacuum lines, wires, sensors, etc.......) under the hood.  I used to have a '57 M38A1 with a Buick 225...... easy peasy!! :))

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the MJ is still easy, it's just... different. :L: 


the truck cannot be in 4wd if the handle is in 2wd (assuming the linkage underneath is working properly of course).  the light only tells you about the state of the CAD up front.  and if it is indeed stuck engaged, that's not 4wd.  just 2wd with an engaged CAD.   later XJs just got rid of the whole thing and put in a one-piece axle in it's place. 

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