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  1. Thanks 54bobby for letting me know it doesn't connect to anything. I did your reverse and brake fix...... tried it and it didn't work. Light is still on, oh well. I'll just disconnect it, I can tell if it's in 4WD or not just by the way it feels. Thanks Pete M for your link. I'm actually thinking about getting rid of the Comanche (too much sh*t, crap, hoses, vacuum lines, wires, sensors, etc.......) under the hood. I used to have a '57 M38A1 with a Buick 225...... easy peasy!!
  2. Is this blue vacuum line supposed to attach to anything, or is it the "Air Vent Filter" (number 3 in the diagram)? It's located on the passenger side, near the heater blower. I found it when trying to find out why the "Part Time" light on the dash doesn't turn off when the transfer case is in 2H. All other vacuum lines from the front axle appear to be attached. Thanks, Rick
  3. Thanks for the responses...... my Comanche sits for long periods of time without being driven, so I ordered one of these...... https://www.amazon.com/Loraffe-Ultrasonic-Deterrent-Vehicle-Protection/dp/B07N2NFX28/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1549425874&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=rodent+deterrent&psc=1
  4. Not a bad idea, I may try that. Unfortunately, I live in the mountains, there are at least half a dozen squirrels on my property, and with my luck I'd catch a skunk....... I've got those, too.
  5. I went to start the Comanche the other day, no go. I popped the hood and a squirrel had made a nest on top of the battery using the insulation on the underside of the hood. It also filled every nook and cranny inside the engine compartment with hundreds of acorns!!! I've removed the nest and spent the next hour with the shop-vac getting the poop and acorns out. Luckily, it only chewed thru one little wire, which I found and repaired. Comanche is back running, but the squirrel keeps coming back daily and/or nightly and leaving more "gifts" and chewing off more insulation. Anybody have any g
  6. '89 Renix 4.0. Yesterday morning after it snowed, I needed my 4x4 Comanche to get me to the store. It turned over but would not start. I tried for about 5 minutes until the battery started to lag. As usual, I just put it in neutral and didn't touch the gas pedal for the first few tries. Nothing. Then (being old school, I tapped the gas pedal) and still no start. Then tried turning it over with the pedal floored. Nothing. Oh well, I braved it to the store in my 2WD Tacoma. Anyway, this morning I go to start the Comanche and it starts right up, first try. This is the second time this ha
  7. The truck sputtered then died. It turned over slowly a few times, but battery was dead and wouldn't start. Got a jump and made it home. Trickle-charged the battery for a few hours and now it starts, but the alternator is only putting out 9-10 volts according to dash meter. Is my alternator shot, or could it be something else like a loose wire or connection? Thanks. Rick
  8. All Stock/Original-No Modifications 93K Miles Added Factory Brush Guard Mariposa County, CA Used Whenever 4x4 is Necessary
  9. Well, got up up the cabin.... It's already got a Wix on it. Engine only has 93,000 original miles. Guess I'm gonna try Lucas Oil Stablizer next......... Rick
  10. Thanks. Could this vacuum leak also cause my idle speed to rise from 750rpm (when cold) to 1000rpm when warm?
  11. Thanks cruiser54. How would I go about isolating the location of a the vacuum leak? I haven't seriously worked on cars since the '70s, but I seem to remember you can spray starter fluid? on the fittings and listen for a RPM change? Rick
  12. Mine's a perfect fit. For my '89, it's two pieces. One for the dash and one for the glovebox. It comes with velcro strips to hold it in place. HTH, Rick
  13. IMHO, these are the best! http://www.covercraft.com/us/en/dash-covers Rick
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