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New (to me) Rubicon

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FD9372ED-BD66-4C38-A299-2649CD7D82F8.jpeg.961cd2517510016ea22809ef1926d749.jpegIt’s got the nv3550 5 speed and, of course, 4.0 and nv241OR. It had 33” tires and a 2.5” lift (teraflex) when I got it and looked like the above. Since I had the 36” Irocs on rims in my barn I tried them on for the hell of it and decided to keep them on. The only place they rubbed (too much) was in the rear wheel wells so I put some of these on:




and that fixed the rubbing problem. 

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Future plans for it include (but not limited to) some kind of aftermarket front fenders - since I’ve “rurn’t” these. I also want to modify the 4.0 and get it as close to the 4.0 H.O. as possible. It just doesn’t seem to have the low end grunt the older engines had and I keep comparing it to my ‘99 TJ that had whatever “it” is. 

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