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Refinishing rims

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I've had decent luck using Aircraft Stripper (that's a brand name, from Auto Zone, not a generic description) to take off all the clear coat, then polishing with a good aluminum polish. If the aluminum is pitted I start with fine emery cloth, and then polish.


Eventually I'll use some rattle can clear coat but for now I just clean and re-polish occasionally.

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I recently did a set for Rebecca's XJ since we sold the good set of rims/tires we had for it. I wasn't 100% worried about being perfect since they are only temp until we order her new 33's.


Anyways, I just took a wire brush attachment on my drill and went to town. Wiped them down real good and sprayed them. I used vasaline on the rubber prior to paint and than just wiped it off after and no paint was left .


Here is a pic of the results. Looks ok for a 2 hour job if you ask me.



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