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Random coil spring question

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Hey guys, so it's been awhile since I've been on here, I kinda come and go as my trucks running or the money is available to mess with it, but I have a quick question. When I lifted my truck and helped my dad with his lift on his YJ I had some problems getting the new springs back in using the coil spring compressors. I just rented a set from Autozone, maybe it's the crappy set I had but is there some trick to getting the springs in out out easily? A third of the time I worked on installing the lift I spent on trying to get the new springs back on. This may be a stupid question and there may be no easier way but I figured I'd hit you guys up and see if anyone has any tricks or anything. Thanks. -Will

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Disconnect the swaybar?


I've fit 4.5" coils in with both control arms still attached without a spring compressor.


I've fit 6.5" coils in with the lower control arms still attached without a spring compressor.


Yes I know, coil rates play an effect, and that some 4.5" and 6.5" coils are the same length...

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If you disconnect everything attatched to the axle ( shocks, swaybars, and brakelines) There is only 2 things preventing you from swinging the axle down... One is the trac bar... the other is the driveshaft.


I almost never use my coils compressor... tall jack stands (12 ton northern specials) and my hi-lift to pull springs.... Jack the truck up till the coils unseat.. support with stands and go to work

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