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Pesky Varmint


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Its a crappy pic and I will get a bedda one asap but some things gotta be fixed first. Driving it home the steering was sloppy as hell, like the track bar was disco'd. It wasn't but the bracket that it bolts to is broken in half! I will get a new one or weld the old one back together and reinforce it.


Scott didn't put more than a few hundred miles on it but damn man it had tranny fluid all over the bed, the inside was pretty dirty and the seat covers faded from sitting outside in the sun. It stinks inside and the console needs screwed down, and the steering wheel still has the same slop in it [u-joints on the column need tightened].


Other than that it is in the same shape as before, including the leaky steering gearbox. The front bumper took a hit somewhere down the line and the lower valance is pulled out like he backed off a stump or something so I will just cut that off. Then the re-beautification process starts - grill gaurd and rock sliders go back on, new seat covers, steam clean the upholstery, HANG A BIG G-D A$$ AIR FRESHENER IN IT!!


But first things first - fix the front end and get it road worthy again. I have a move to deal with coming up in a couple weeks. The dude at my 2nd job wants to buy it and he don't want me to lower it but I'm probly going to anyhow.

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Yup. I refuse to sell it in the condition its in now. Not my style. I have a boat [for sale], a ZJ, XJ, MJ and an '83 Camaro I bought new and will not sell - so something must go eventually and it may as well be the truck unless I sell the XJ instead. Its in way better shape and would bring in more $$ but I'd have to plant a bigger mill in the MJ cuz anyone who knows me know I despise the four banger. Not for any other reason cept a two-digit HP number - probably below 90. But its a good runnin mill and easy to work on.

It has some structural problems and to keep wheelin it will rip it to peices so lowering it and keeping it as a workhorse is the only thing I can do

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