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Should I swap an 8.25 for my Turdy5??

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Nah i would pass unless its free...the 27spline 8.25 is marginally better than the D35...if you have 3.55's in your D35 already i would just keep it there and upgrade to something better later...maybe an 8.8...thats what I'm doing...or hold out for a 29 spline 8.25....much more beefier than the turd 27spline counterpart

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The housing is stronger and the 27 spline axleshafts do hold up better then the D35 axleshafts do. You can swap some 29 spline axleshafts in later. Someone just had 29 spline shafts and a carrier for sale on NAXJA for $100.00 I think. ZJ rear discs are an easy swap, the bolt pattern is the same on the adapters, the center hole just needs to be opened up slightly.


It's better to stick money into that 8.25 then into a D35 by far.


You could upgrade to 29 spline alloys and a locker also. Then you would have stronger shafts and housing then a stock D44. The only drawback would be the C clip axleshafts, but they shouldn't be a problem.


I ran a welded 27 spline 8.25 for 20,000 miles and never broke a shaft. :nuts:

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D44 axleshafts are 30 spline.


I know they are 30 spline and I also know that alloy 29 spline 8.25" axleshafts are stronger then stock D44 shafts....


Stock fo stock axle shaft wise the D44 wins, but I was comparing upgrading to alloy 8.25" shafts compared to stock D44 shafts.


BTW spline count isn't everything, the material the shafts are made from, if the splines are cut or rolled, the profile, the pitch, the pressure angle design, and how they are hardened makes a difference too.


If you want to compare spline counts and sizes check out the pinion specs.


(8.25 axle)

Number of cover bolts: 10

Number of axle splines: 27 or 29

Diameter of ring gear: 8.375"

Number of ring gear bolts: 10

Pinion Shaft Diameter: 1.625"

Pinion Splines : 27

Low Case Ratio : All the same case

Axle shaft diameter: 27 spline 1.17" or 29 spline 1.25"

Axle tube size: 3"


(Dana 44)

Number of cover bolts: 10

Number of axle splines: 30

Diameter of ring gear: 8.5"

Number of ring gear bolts: 10

Pinion Shaft Diameter: 1.375"

Pinion Splines : 26

Low Case Ratio : 3.92

Axle shaft diameter: 30 spline 1.31"

Axle tube size: 2.75"


On a side note a 14 bolt axle shaft necks down to 1.351" but can handle 44" tires...

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