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Reversing a Lift Kit - and shock recommendations

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I was told by a prior owner that my MJ has a 4" lift. It was plain to a few others that it was not a 4". I spoke with the guy again today, and he confirmed it is a 2" lift. He cannot recall what was involved in lifting it two inches. I am curious if the most direct way to lift one 2" uses the stock coil and leaf springs.


He can't recall if springs were removed, but in case they were, he is looking in his shop tonight. If a little 2" lift only involves things like spacers, then that will be great.


As of tomorrow, it will have 235-75-15 tires on it. I am anxious to see how it looks now I know the "official" amount of lift it has. If it looks odd, I'll definitely want it lowered.


He did find the original bumper, so I am happy to soon have that back on it. What kind of bothers me is when he sold it to the 4th ownwer, he told the guy he wanted first crack at it if he ever parted with it. #4 never gave him a chance to buy it back.


For regular ole daily driving with little consideration to offroading, is there a preferred shock for these trucks?

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if its only 2 inches why even wast the time to take it off ? :huh???:


if it looks odd then put bigger tires on it DUH :fool:


Like your sig says, drive it like you stole it. I want stock tires on there for the correct look, and so I don't lose any "gearing" with a tall tire. :D I always wanted the Eliminator look and style, not the offroad look. :chillin:


I suspect it's going to look "tough" sitting on a 2" lift. I measured the 31" tires, and they were 29" across. Are 31" tires truly 31" in diameter when new? I know nothing about mudder tires. I am just curious if an inch of tread wore off, or are mudder tires smaller than advertised?

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a little bit of both with the tires, most companies aren't actually 31's so they might've been 30.5ish or so, other companies are closer to advertised height.


for shocks, don't go with procomp es9000 i can tell you that much ( ;) they were used and cheap... )


old man emu makes the best out there, and other companies like monroe are good

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