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engine hoisting

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i have an engine leveler. I throw the chain through it, and get out a few extra exhaust header bolts I always have laying around, and hook the chain to a spot on the lower back passenger of the engine, and the lower front driver. I then bring an extra chain down to the rear driver of the block, and it keeps it very stable, and with the tranny and tcase attatched, both emptied on their fluids, the entire drivetrain sits completely level, and is very easy to handle by a single person.


This is with a 4.0 though...

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I just wrapped a chain around the whole damn engine......thread it thru the intake runners on the driver side, and come around the distributor carefully on the other side. Joined the two chain endpieces on top with a grade 8 bolt and some washers, and hooked it over the hook on the puller.


Redneck? Hells yeah......but it worked :D



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When I pulled the 4.0 out of my XJ I had one end of the chain on the farthest back manifold bolt and the other end on one of the bolts for the AC bracket. I also had a hand winch strapped to the arm of the picker and that went wherever...


I was also pulling without the tranny.

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