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Bed reinforced areas

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How bad is the rust INSIDE the frame there?


Normally problems show up just in front or around the front spring hangers.  The top channels by the bed mounts often go too from stuff sitting on them that's caught by the mounts.  The box mounts will get thin over time too, take a look at them and see, they're probably still okay though.


Under the cab it's generally because of rot through the floorboards, which then transfers to the frame below it.  Also the LCA pockets can trap stuff and cause issues.


Steering box area can crack, along with around the track bar bracket, normally this is a problem that was caused by massive abuse or other issues.  Look for rust there too, as the metal is stressed it is more prone to corrosion.


Otherwise I'd just look it all over.  I've never actually seen an MJ frame fail from any sort of use that could be considered regular.


The main thing if you're exposing it to salt is that you kill all the rust and get it sealed again properly.  How you do that is up to your budget and willingness to deal with it.  For something that bad I don't know what to say, other than getting the whole chassis dipped and coated.


Edit, not sure if you meant just the frame for the bed area, or the whole thing, so I added some stuff.

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I am doing a full restoration of this truck, I have the bed off and all power washed ( old pic ) but I’m curious to know the weak spots as to where I should focus my welding the reinforcement. Thanks

I had mine off for about a month. Just reinstalled yesterday. Shoulda took pics but I didn't have any rust on rear frame area and only minor rust on front of bed where floor meets forward wall where 3 drain openings are located. I used picks to dig the rust out very little perforated sheet metal (holes) hammered it flat again, sanded down forward wall and underneath the bed including wheel wells then Rhino liner. Also did the rear of the cab up to the top of the bed. I think it was 18 inches from bottom lip of cab to top of bed. About 4 inches below the back window. Used 2 coats, took about half gallon of Rhino liner

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