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missing sensor help 86 2.5

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I everyone I just bought a new to me  86 Comanche long bed about a month ago. It had been sitting in a barn for about 5 years or so not running. I was able to get the ole 2.5 up and running but am having  hard time finding what sensor went in the threaded hole on the side of the engine block close to the spark plugs. I'm pretty sure it is a temp sensor that goes to the computer but the only sensor i could find was the coolant sensor and its to large to thread into that hole by just a smidge. The wire is there for the missing sensor so i just want to hook it up if that is even what is missing there. Thank you in advance for you help. 





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Don't know what files you uploaded but they don't come up as an image chances are you referring to the oil pressure switch or sensor just to the right of the distributor just below the spark plugs correct if so that's a little pressure and you'll need the a little elbow adapter

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On 8/31/2018 at 2:27 PM, Bryson said:

Ah! thank you. now to figure out what the other random wire goes to lol


No problem and I am right there with you I got wires with connectors not connected to anything(both under the hood and the dash). My best guess is they are options that were wired in but the option(ac,fog lights,ect) themselfs not on jeep itself. 

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