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Budget DIY 3.5" Lift

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Hey fellas,

I've searched the forums and can't find any answers.

I'm building my own lift kit based on a suggestion from a guy on "All Things Jeep Comanche" on facebook and I've come to a standstill. Here's what I've got for it so far.


RE RE1300 3.5" Coil Springs for the front.

I'm keeping the stock 2WD leaf pack in the back and putting on Chevy 2" drop shackles, which should net me 3" lift in the back.


My question is which shocks should I get? It will primarily be my DD and maybe some light off-road use, until I do a 4WD conversion. Eventually...


Also would y'all suggest any other suspension components for the front to avoid death wobble or steering problems? (Stabilizer, pitman arm, adjustable track bar)


Attached are the shocks I've been looking at. TIA.


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Will Chevy 2" drop shackles actually give you 3" of lift?  I thought it would be less, 2" or maybe 2.5".  Which puts you at 1"-1.5" of lift on a 4wd.  Those RE coils will likely come out a little high, more like 4" on a 4wd.  I have them matched with a SOA using 2wd leaf springs!


Buy the Bilstein shocks for the front.  Measure whatever you do in the rear and buy a Bilstein that fits.


With that much lift you can either do things wrong or right.  Right would be a long arms, track bar and bracket, aftermarket steering, longer brake lines, etc.  Wrong would be to do anything less.  I have RE adjustable upper control arms and fixed lowers, and I really regret not just buying or building long arms.  I have YJ brake lines and a Dakota line for the rear.  And I've got an aftermarket track bar (RC I think) that's a piece of junk and I flipped the tie rod (plus used the late model XJ drag link and ZJ tie rod).  Again, that could be better.

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